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    Company Profile

           Xingsanxing Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise integrating the manufacturing and service of curtain wall, doors and windows and intelligent door control hardware, providing architectural hardware and related technical consulting. The company explores the development trend of architectural hardware in the future, and creates the art space for building quality life.

           The company’s business philosophy is "to manufacture high-quality products and service the global market". Moreover, and "manufacture top hardware, establish a hundred years of famous enterprise" as its vision. The company boasts a modern production base of 150,000 m2, with more than 2,000 employees, an experienced management team, an innovative technical team and a vigorous production team. Currently, Xingsanxing has a large number of domestic and international patents and process manufacturing data analysis and management system. With automatic painting line, automatic assembly line, intelligent robot large-scale die-casting production line and other equipment, we provide customers with high-quality products, and maintain long-term strategic cooperation with numerous well-known developers.

           In the doors, windows and curtain wall industry, our development concepts are primarily focused on safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. We also strive to incorporate concepts of humanized design in order to meet the users’ pursuit of a quality lifestyle, while striving to achieve harmony between the architectural space and the surrounding environment.